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Don't Wait to See the Dentist when Your Tooth Hurts

My molar began to hurt one night so much that it woke me up. I hadn't been to the dentist regularly, so I knew it was my bad habits catching up to me. I took pain relievers for a few days that dulled the pain, and then I developed a big bump on my gum. It scared me enough to finally go to the dentist. He told me the bump was an abscess from a bad tooth infection. He said that if I had waited too much longer, the infection could have spread to my sinuses and even my brain! He gave me antibiotics and in a few days he was able to save the tooth with a root canal. I created this blog to tell other people that if your tooth hurts, then go to the dentist immediately. You probably have an infection that will only keep getting worse.



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Don't Wait to See the Dentist when Your Tooth Hurts

    Having Trouble Keeping Your Dentures In Place? Understanding Denture Adhesives

    It is quite common for people who wear dentures to use some type of adhesive to keep them in place at some point. When you are first fitted with your false teeth, the gums and bones may not have settled from having your own teeth removed. Your dentures will fit snuggly at first, but as the swelling goes down they may feel loose. Biting into things may cause the dentures to fall out of place.