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Don't Wait to See the Dentist when Your Tooth Hurts

My molar began to hurt one night so much that it woke me up. I hadn't been to the dentist regularly, so I knew it was my bad habits catching up to me. I took pain relievers for a few days that dulled the pain, and then I developed a big bump on my gum. It scared me enough to finally go to the dentist. He told me the bump was an abscess from a bad tooth infection. He said that if I had waited too much longer, the infection could have spread to my sinuses and even my brain! He gave me antibiotics and in a few days he was able to save the tooth with a root canal. I created this blog to tell other people that if your tooth hurts, then go to the dentist immediately. You probably have an infection that will only keep getting worse.



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Don't Wait to See the Dentist when Your Tooth Hurts

Eating Healthy? These 4 Health Foods Can Be Horrible For Your Mouth

by Violet Jensen

Everyone knows that eating unhealthy foods will not do any favors for your waistline, but the healthy alternatives can also cause some damage as well. When it comes to eating the right kind of foods for the health of your body, you should also pay attention to how it affects the health of your mouth. While your body processes healthy and unhealthy foods in different ways, your teeth cannot tell the difference between a sugary candy bar and a sugary fruit juice.

These are four foods to pay special attention to for keeping your teeth healthy as well as your body.

Citrus Fruits

Lemons, oranges, and grapefruits may be an excellent source for getting Vitamin C into your diet, but they can damage teeth over time. Vitamin C heavy fruits are known to be very acidic, which can deteriorate your tooth enamel if you eat a lot of them. For example. orange juice reduces enamel hardness by 84%. You are better off avoiding these types of food, or eating them in moderation.  When you do eat citrus fruits, rinsing with water or mouthwash afterwards can help wash away the enamel reducing citrus acids.


When eating foods for a healthy lifestyle, you may be eating more good carbs such as brown rice and whole-grain pasta. These foods can damage your teeth. Saliva helps break down those carbs into sugars that will produce an enamel eating acid.


An unhealthy lifestyle of smoking and coffee drinking can cause your teeth to become discolored, but some fruits can do that as well. Healthy berries such as cherries, blueberries, and cranberries can stain your teeth if you eat a lot of them. Tooth enamel is very porous, and can be stained by the color of foods that you are eating.


When fruit is turned into a juice during commercial processing, sugar ends up replacing a lot of the fruit. This can make a fruit juice just as dangerous to you teeth as a soda.

You do not need to cut these foods out of your life to have healthy teeth. By simply being aware of the damage that they can cause, you can limit your consumption and practice good oral hygiene techniques that prevent damage from occurring. A dentist, such as those found at Higson Dental Group, can answer any additional questions you may have about the damage they can cause to your teeth, and inspect your teeth during you semi-annual cleanings.